Skincare and Makeup Tips After Microneedling

Skincare and Makeup Tips After Microneedling

While microneedling might appear to be an abrasive skincare experience, it produces impressive results as it aids in the skin's natural production of collagen and regenerates skin tissue. The results are smoother, firmer skin. The process, as well as the immediate side effects, are not ideal for many people, especially for those who like to wear makeup or have sensitive skin.

Despite these facts, many still attest to its effectiveness in completely regenerating their skin, with some saying that it outperforms all other skincare options, making it well worth the downtime.

If you're concerned with aftercare and the application of makeup after microneedling sessions, this article will provide you with all the information you need including what to expect after a treatment, how soon after the treatment you can begin wearing makeup again, and what kind of makeup will work best with your new skin.

Continue reading below to learn all you need to know about applying makeup after a microneedling procedure and how Skin Deep Med Spa Boston can provide you with a quick and easy approach to revitalize your skin.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that treats skin issues through the stimulation of collagen production. Also known as collagen induction therapy, microneedling can help patients reduce the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, fine lines, wrinkles and more. Skin cells are stimulated and turned over faster, producing more collagen, a vital protein in keeping the skin healthy, firm, and smooth, throughout microneedling treatments and the months following.

The premise behind microneedling is that, in piercing the top layers of the demis, we create a “controlled injury,” prompting the skin to respond by producing new, collagen-rich tissue to replace the wounded skin cells.

These small needle wounds self-heal in the days following each session through this process and the enhanced supply of collagen and elastin. The depth of needle penetration can be adjusted according to the condition and thickness of the skin, as well as the treatment plan and number of sessions being performed. The depth of the needle also affects the depth of the wound and the skin’s response to the injury. 

A professional microneedling treatment lasts between 40 and 60 minutes in total including numbing time. 

After the treatment is finished, our skincare experts administer a specific set of serums, creams, and SPF to the treated areas to help the skin recover.

Following the session, most patients notice that their skin feels tighter and rougher for a few days. Rest assured that your overall skin tone will be brighter, more even in texture, and your pores will shrink in size considerably after some well-spent recovery time.

Your Skin Condition After Microneedling

When considering microneedling therapy, keep in mind that the body responds to these micro-injuries by gradually healing the skin. Your skin will likely be sensitive in the 24-72 hours after the procedure. Irritation, bleeding, and redness are among the expected side effects and your skin and pores alike are raw and open to absorption.

After the procedure, it is important to keep the skin clean and protected from the environment as it is more susceptible to infection and absorbing bacteria into its fresh micro-wounds. The skin will be continuously reproducing fresh skin tissue and beginning the process of rebuilding in the days following treatment. This can ultimately lead to breakouts and other issues if the skin is not cared for correctly while still in the healing process.

Our skincare experts recommend only using prescribed skincare products that are given out with each session, changing any dirty and used pillowcases, bedding, and towels while the skin is open to the elements, and avoiding direct sun exposure for at least 24 hours post session.

The body's wound healing mechanism works to heal these micro-injuries as soon as they appear within the skin tissue, but it will take time for them to fully dissipate. This means that collagen synthesis and cellular turnover are enhanced both immediately following the treatment, and the period afterwards. Although you may see some immediate improvements, full microneedling results may take four to six weeks to appear, as cellular turnover is heightened throughout the duration of this time.

How Long After Microneedling Can I Wear Makeup Again?

You might be curious about the microneedling procedure's aftercare and when you can resume your regular skincare and makeup routine. It's self-evident that everyone's skin is unique. Similarly, everyone's skin healing time differs from others because it is influenced by their polygenic features.

Typically, you should not wear makeup for at least 24 hours following the procedure because it may cause further irritation, allergies, inflammation, and redness. Because your skin will be raw and red after microneedling, concealing it with foundation, concealer, or powder can be tempting. This, on the other hand, will simply slow down the healing process and obstruct the skin's ability to recover while blocking pores with oil and makeup.

Using any cosmetics or skincare products on your skin, besides those recommended by dermatologists and skincare professionals, may hinder it from responding adequately to the therapy. The skin barrier is still recovering, and, as a result, you should refrain from wearing makeup for at least three days after each session. After three days, your skin will be suitable for makeup application and your normal skincare regimen and routine.

Makeup can still be worn in regions that haven't been touched by microneedling. The use of lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara, for example, would not affect results. Use caution when removing makeup however, as the skin will likely still be sensitive to touching and rubbing.

Choosing Makeup After Microneedling

Even after your skin has healed from the microneedling treatment, it is still best to apply makeup products that are hypoallergenic and gentle. Before you apply makeup, you should use a good moisturizer, specifically one with SPF. Before moving on to the following stage, make sure the moisturizer has completely penetrated the skin. You can also use an all-natural spray with mild ingredients to soothe, prep, and hydrate skin.

The next step is to select a light and breathable makeup foundation that provides adequate coverage. If you don't want to use powder on your face, you can use a mineral liquid foundation. 

In general, but specifically after a microneedling session, all-natural, organic, paraben-free, and chemical-free cosmetics are the best option for optimal skin health.

Make sure your cosmetics are pure mineral, not just mineral-based, as they could contain elements like talc or preservatives, which aren't ideal for microneedling aftercare. Without oils, additives, preservatives, or scents, a healthy mineral foundation can cover your skin precisely and won't irritate delicate skin.

Discover the Skin Deep Med Spa Difference

Despite the temptation, putting on makeup too soon after microneedling, especially while it's still red and raw from the procedure, can impede the healing process.

If you can't manage a few days without makeup, a hat is a fantastic choice, but we also recommend investing in a nice hydration spray that employs all-natural ingredients to relax, nourish, and hydrate your skin before applying makeup.

Are you ready to feel and look years younger, with the most self-confidence you've had in decades? Look no further than Skin Deep Med Spa.

At Skin Deep Med Spa, we're committed to helping our clients achieve their skincare goals because everyone, no matter their age, should be able to look and feel their best. We offer a variety of cosmetic dermatology treatments to meet the individual needs of each of our patients, and we're excited to work with you to offer you better-looking skin.

Contact Skin Deep Med Spa to arrange your microneedling consultation and discuss your skin treatment options with one of our qualified skincare professionals and doctors today.

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