Dos and Don'ts After Getting a Lip Injection

Dos and Don'ts After Getting a Lip Injection

Lips are the most visible part of your face, making them vulnerable to pigmentary disorders and wrinkling in the long run. Over time, lips lose collagen, making them grow thinner, lose tone and elasticity and develop pigmentary disorders.

Lip fillers are an excellent option for lip rejuvenation as they restore lost volume that gives your lips natural plumpness while camouflaging fine lines and wrinkles. More people want plumper lips but also want to avoid the risks associated with lip augmentation. Therefore, lip fillers can be an option for people yearning for fuller lips.

Whether you're looking to achieve a permanent gloss or a more natural look, savvy lip injection medical procedures in Boston can help you achieve your goals with ease and comfort.

How Does It Work?

Lip fillers can be used to enhance and reshape the lips. The filler is injected into the skin and pushes it up to create a fuller-looking lip. Using hyaluronic acid fillers, collagen, or Restylane, you can achieve an instant plump or a more natural look.

Typically, you have recently done your lips, and now you don't know what to do next. This round-up expounds more on the various options at hand. 

Let's dig in!

Caring For Your Lips 

When patients ask cosmetic surgeons about lip fillers or dermal filler treatment for lips, the most important thing to bring up is safety.

Research has shown that patients who have suffered from fillers injected too close to major blood vessels have experienced lip swelling and hardening of the soft tissue.

Lip Filler Aftercare Tips

  • Lip fillers are a great way to get fuller lips without costing you more time off. Many patients find that drinking a lot of water will help them heal. 
  • On that note, we do recommend maintaining a good diet (recommended by your doctor) to minimize swelling. Eating fruits like apples or pears, as well as vegetables like cucumbers or peas, are all helpful in maintaining hydration. Try to avoid spicy foods and foods high in sodium such as chips and processed meats that may cause additional swelling.
  • You should also apply ice to your lips after a lip injection. This will help reduce swelling and ease pain and itching. 
  • You may start using an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication (recommended by your dermatologist) to help minimize the inflammation and discomfort during the first day or two after the procedure.
  • Our dermatologists recommend that you avoid any strenuous exercise for 24 to 48 hours after dermal filler injections to provide enough time to heal. Doing this prevents unnecessary strain on the injected area, which might cause swelling or bruising to become worse than it already is. 
  • Strenuous exercise also increases your heart rate and blood pressure, which could stress the lips.
  • Avoid wearing any lip gloss, lip balm for the following 48 hours after filler injections. After treatment, you should avoid high temperatures like saunas or jacuzzis if you are sensitive to swelling.

What to Avoid

After a successful lip injection at  Skin Deep Med Spa, the ball is now in your court when it comes to the healing process. Below, we show you some of the things to avoid after a treatment.


Nicotine affects the capillary blood flow, thus slowing down the healing process and overall outcome of your lip filler injections. If you are planning to undergo lip augmentation with dermal fillers, it is wise to quit smoking before and after the procedure.


Following lip filler treatment, you should not drink alcohol. Any alcoholic beverage will cause the blood vessels to dilate, and the lips swell even more than they already are. Also, if you do drink after your procedure, the blood vessels surrounding the injection site will increase in diameter and also lead to bruising and swelling.


Take care when you travel after having your lips filled! We understand that you want to travel right after getting your lips done, but it is best to make sure that your lips are healed. So we recommend that you do not travel for at least a week or until you can pack light.

When Will I Heal?

Most lip plumping procedures take 24-48 hours to show full results. The swelling and redness subside with time as the area heals and collagen production begins.

Please visit us for filler aftercare recommendations.

When Should I See a Doctor?

There are some side effects, including swelling and redness at the injection site. Bleeding or bruising at or around the injection site may also occur. Temporary skin discoloration is another possible side effect, but this usually disappears in a few days. If any side effects persist or severe pain, contact your dermatologist for further evaluation.

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Moreover, be on the lookout and schedule an appointment with us immediately you notice the following signs:

Bruising or Swelling

Swelling and bruising around the lips after lip injections are normal. The amount of swelling will vary from person to person; some may only experience slight swelling which resolves in a few days, while others may experience significant swelling.

If you notice pain or swelling that doesn't go away after several days, make an appointment to discuss your concerns with your doctor.

Vascular Occlusion

Lip Vascular Occlusion is a condition affecting some patients after undergoing treatment with lip enhancement injections. To identify if you have this condition, you will need to consult with your physician or make an appointment with the operating doctor that performed the injection. 

However, if you experience swollen or injured lips shortly after having your lips injected, it could be a sign of vascular occlusion. In this case, you should immediately contact the doctor who did the injection for additional instructions. 

Cold Sores

After undergoing a lip augmentation procedure, you may experience pain, swelling or some discharge. 

This is normal and will subside over time. However, sometimes this can cause the problem of inflammation which can in-turn turn into sores or cold sores.

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