9 Myths About Lip Injections

9 Myths About Lip Injections

Lip injections have become staple cosmetic procedures for facial aesthetics—providing patients with youthful, full lips that are perky and ready to smile confidently.

Lip augmentation can correct some of the aging signs on your face such as wrinkles, cracked lips, and fine lines. 

Hyaluronic acid keeps the lip area hydrated, therefore, its filler can be used to help enhance the area by adding volume—giving them a more youthful look.

The amount of filler used in any area can be adjusted and tweaked to fit your needs comfortably. To show that lip injection is a safe and effective procedure, here are nine myths we've busted for you.

You are Too Young or Old for Fillers

Lip fillers are an essential cosmetic product that most women and men of all ages should consider.

There are so many options available at this point, and the technology has advanced to where they can be tailored specifically for each client’s needs. 

Lip injections can help counter some of the damaging effects of aging, prevent fine lines, add volume to thin lips, and enhance the area by adding color and shape.

I Will Have a Weird Smile

The truth is your smile may change, but it won't change your personality or create an impression as a fake or forced one. If anything, it will be a more authentic expression of who you are! 

The goal of these procedures is to restore a more youthful and pleasant appearance to your smile

''Lift and emphasize with facial injections is the most efficient way to address smile lines. Injecting in the middle of smile lines can make your upper lip look puffy! Instead, lift the skin fold that’s falling forward by injecting filler into the cheekbone area. The more natural and efficient way to address this condition is by injecting the filler just above and in front of the mouth (cheek) area.'' Dr. David Rapaport, a top plastic surgeon in New York City recommends.

Lip Fillers Don't Look Natural, and People Can Tell

A skilled injector is one of the most crucial factors in achieving natural-looking lips. Even minor variations can make a huge difference in your final result, so be sure to choose your injector carefully. 

Look for one who doesn’t rush or overfill your lips—a sign that they may not have had enough time to do a thorough job. 

Also, remember that your lips are unique and change over time, so take pictures throughout the process in multiple stages so you can compare results.

Lip Fillers Increase the Risk of Cold Sores and Scars

Cold sores are small, fluid-filled bumps on the lips. Lip injections are meant to add fullness or plumpness to thin or missing lips. The success of this procedure busts reports of scarring or cold sores.

Lips are very sensitive and prone to scarring and cold sores, so make sure you discuss any potential risks with your skin care professional before getting injections.

You Have to Keep Up with Lip Filler Injections.

Hyaluronic acid, which naturally exists in our bodies, is used as a filler to plump up the lips. This all-natural substance is found in our skin and synovial fluid. 

It absorbs into the area where it is needed most—between sheets of collagen. The results of injecting hyaluronic acid can last anywhere from six months to one year.

When your body’s natural enzymes begin to degrade this filler, what’s left thickens your skin’s dermis.

Any Filler Will Work on the Lips

The correct filler for your lips is a highly personal decision, so it’s absolutely essential to talk with a board-certified aesthetic injector about your options and be sure that you are making an informed decision. 

Unlicensed providers who use unapproved materials are unable to give you specific details about their products and how long they will last. Instead, these products may be injected into your lips which can result in a botched job that may require surgery to remove.

Lip Fillers are Irreversible

If you are unhappy with your outcome, there is always the possibility to dissolve the filler using a substance called Hylenex or Hyaluronidase.

Hyalase works by breaking down and dissolving the filler, restoring balance. Your body naturally breaks down the filler over time, if you haven't used permanent fillers.

Only People With Thin Lips Get Fillers

Lip fillers can create fuller or thinner lips, contour uneven gums, shape a cupid's bow and even add symmetry to your face. Lip injections can be done by individuals with all types of lips. 

The goal with any facial rejuvenation treatment is to give the patient naturally fuller lips. Women who want full lips often choose subtle lips with natural curves while men usually opt for more defined lips with a cupid's bow shape. 

Hyaluronic acid fillers can contour, hydrate dry lips, and define a cupid's bow in addition to plumping out thinner lips.

Lip Fillers are Instant

The use of lip filler leads to instant results. However, you would need more than one session to get optimal and desired results.

The swelling caused by these injections does not go away immediately, in fact, it typically resolves within two to three days although this can last up to two weeks.

Remember that everyone's lips are unique and one person's idea of what looks good may be quite different from another's.

Also keep in mind that some things, like smoking, drinking alcohol, or consuming large amounts of caffeine can affect how fast your lips resolve.

Choose a Trusted Lip Injection Service

If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to add volume or revamp your lips, lip injections may be exactly what is right for you. 

Lip injections have become an in-demand service in today’s skincare industry—giving patients all over options in terms of where they would like their injections and how much volume they’d like injected.

Scheduling a consultation with our skin care professionals will allow you to discuss all options available to you and help resolve any hesitations that you may have regarding the treatment itself.Call us at (617) 826 8232 at Skin Deep Med Spa today.

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