8 Skincare Trends in 2021

8 Skincare Trends in 2021

The global cosmetics industry is growing stronger each year, with double-digit annual growth projected through 2021. The skincare industry is just as apt as the rest of the world to undergo shifts of change every year, whether it’s thanks to a new self-care trend emerging or one that’s already prevalent finally taking over the skincare market.

With the constant influx of research and development happening in every area of the beauty industry—from self-care to environmental protection—we give a unique opportunity to embrace the unknown, because somewhere out here, there will be an innovation that will save you from the very real concerns we have about the state of our health and skin.

As we take a look into what could be, we hope we can inspire you to be brave enough to try new things that bring you joy.

In the ever-changing world of the skincare industry, there are simply far too many skincare trends for any one person to keep up with—not even the most plugged-in guru—so this list is just a bit of the biggest skincare trends and what we think you should go for in 2021 with our Botox Boston clinic and spa.


"Employing skinimalism principles, your beauty routine will focus on simple, targeted products that use the best ingredients for optimal benefits," says Nichole Starr, R.N, and founder of Skin Deep Med Spa.

Skinimalism is about letting your skin and its natural features — pores and all — shine through.

It's about paying attention to what's already there rather than trying to improve on it. Letting imperfections add to your beauty is an incredibly empowering concept for many beauty lovers, allowing them to feel comfortable in their skin at any age.

Clean Beauty

Environmentalism is becoming the new normal for skincare brands in 2021 and is beginning to have a direct impact on product formulations, packaging and manufacturing processes.

Green and sustainable beauty continues to grow, as consumers seek out products that do not contain harmful chemicals. It's increasingly crucial for beauty brands to be transparent when it comes to the ingredients in their products and how they're sourced.

The community is looking for more natural ingredients in skincare products and brands are responding by changing how they formulate products and become more accountable to customers.

Sustainable Beauty

We all want to look beautiful, but we need to remember that beauty begins on the inside. This is why Skin Deep Med Spa endorses the concept of sustainable beauty through the design of products in recyclable materials, packaging them in reusable compacts and boxes, and disclosing all ingredients and finish components.

We are dedicated to using products without harmful chemicals and endocrine disruptors commonly used in products in the market.

We hope that you will join us on this "no more harmful products on the planet" journey in 2021, so that we can all breathe a little easier, knowing that we are doing our best to help care for the environment.

Personalized Skincare

Personalized skincare is the latest trend on social media, with people raving about companies that use your specific skin concerns to create a skincare routine.

Not only will customers receive more personal attention when visiting skincare brands, but they'll have the ability to view products and compare their own skincare needs with those of other customers based on age, their skin type, and what skincare concerns they have.

Maskne Treatments

The head and neck are the most affected areas by maskne, which is characterized by acne-like breakouts. The mask-wearing makes skin oilier, and this excess oil mixes with dead skin cells underneath the mask sheet.

From the moment you take off your mask, make sure to use a makeup wipe to remove excess oil on your face from the t-zone (nose, forehead, and chin) and areas around the neck. We believe in preserving the integrity of your skin's natural barrier, which is what makes our maskne treatments so great.

Skin Deep Med Spa offers acne treatments and skin care products that are gentle and effective. Here, we will introduce you to some innovative products and ideas that fight maskne while respecting the beauty of your skin's capabilities.

Next-Gen Supplements

Next-gen skincare supplements in 2021 is a pretty bold statement. Let us explain. As more and more research is conducted on how external elements affect our health, consumers are becoming ever-more interested in maintaining their wellness, focusing on fitness and incorporating a balanced diet.

We predict that as brands focus on overall skincare and wellness with oral supplements, there will be a rise in antioxidants for skin health. Oral supplement formulas will advance to combat free radical damage and help to reduce or even eliminate wrinkles.

The key to this new skincare category is developing supplements that people will want to use and feel good about taking.

De-Stressing Skincare

Rich, innovative and effective skincare systems will be among the year's most important launches in skincare trends. With skin showing early signs of stress and fatigue from the year that was 2020.

Calming complexes are crucial. Here at Skin Deep Med Spa, we are working with ingredients such as; tea (green, white) extract, lavender, chamomile and raspberry extract to help relax the skin.

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