5 Ways to Choose the Best Lip Procedure for You

5 Ways to Choose the Best Lip Procedure for You

The lip is often the body part that brings out feelings of confidence or insecurity within people. That's why so many individuals desire fuller-looking lips. With so many lip procedures and products available today, choosing the right one can be quite a task.

With much consideration and research, we have compiled a list of factors to keep in mind when choosing a lip procedure or product. Whatever the case, the best approach is to work with a certified aesthetic injector that takes into account your expectations and offers you different procedures that will help you achieve your objective.

Why Should You Consider Lip Enhancement?

Lip augmentation is a way to increase their size through the application of fat, lip filler, or implants. Lip augmentation is done for aesthetic reasons, to improve lip shape or fullness. These procedures can be used on their own or combined with other facial rejuvenation treatments.

Because this treatment is non-invasive, it is a virtually painless procedure that can make a big difference in the look of your lips. Some effects include:

  • Restoring lip volume
  • Achieving fuller and natural-looking voluptuous lips
  • Evening out wrinkle lines
  • Smoothing out fine lines
  • Improving lip symmetry
  • Improving the overall shape of thin lips

Lip Lift Versus Lip Fillers: Choosing Best Lip Procedure

Now that you know that your lips can benefit from lip lift and lip filler treatments, you might be wondering how to decide which is right for you. Both lip lifts and fillers can indeed improve the shape of the lip.

However, considering the differences between the two treatments can help you make an informed decision before committing to one or the other. Some factors to consider include:

  • Whether you want a surgical or non-surgical procedure
  • How long you want the results to last
  • How long you want the recovery time and downtime to be
  • How much you're willing to spend

What Are Your Treatment Options?

Several lip injection procedures can offer you an improved lip appearance, but it’s important to remember that results depend on your current lip shape, skin condition, and the goals you wish to achieve. During the consultation, you'll get to ask questions, review some options, and look at some before and after photos.

Dermal Fillers

Lip fillers are an increasingly popular alternative to surgical lip enhancement. Hyaluronic Acid fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane, are made from natural ingredients found in the skin.

These semi-permanent injections can be used to smooth wrinkles, plump lips, even out scars, create a fuller or more prominent lips, and reshape the nose or chin. A dermal filler is a popular non-surgical option that lasts 6 to 12 months, or until you want them removed.

A lip filler treatment can boost lip volume, enhance lip shape, and smooth vertical lip lines (perioral rhytids).

Fat Injection

Autologous fat injections, also known as fat grafting—a form of lip augmentation—replace fat from another part of your body with your fat. This process involves liposuction surgery, including your stomach, hips, thighs, and buttocks, and the doctor injects the fat under the skin.

Fat injections can create a fuller-looking lip, lift sagging cheeks, and fill hollow temples. This procedure is done without incisions on the face or lips. Because the fat transfer procedures are autologous, there are fewer risks of filler migration and affecting the surrounding tissue.

Lip Implants

Lip implants are a quick, yet a semi-permanent way to increase the size of a lip. These injections utilize a soft pliable silicone rubber or biodegradable substance to achieve increased volume in the lips. These implants are soft, feel natural, and can be placed in either the upper or lower lip.

The lips look natural and tactile sensation is preserved. Silicone implants have a soft, natural texture that feels more like your own natural tissue. Biocompatible implants are made from a highly absorbable material known as poly-lactic acid, a biodegradable substance.

These implants are best for patients desiring a semi-permanent lip enhancement with minimal maintenance.

Lip Lift Techniques

Multiple lip lift techniques are used by plastic surgeons under local anesthesia to achieve desired results. The best lip lift technique varies based on your goals (shape, volume, fillers) and the anatomy of your mouth (tissue quality, shape).

Understanding the options and techniques offered can help you decide which one will work best for you. There are various lip lift techniques, and we will share them below.

Subnasal or Bullhorn Lip Lift

During a subnasal bullhorn lip lift, the skin is lifted from the lower edge of the nostrils using a lining of vascularized tissue from inside the nostrils. The excess skin from the upper lip is then trimmed and repositioned to match the altered shape of a more youthful upper lip.

The incision is carefully placed inside the nose so it's virtually imperceptible--even when you smile.

Direct Lip Lift

During a direct lip lift, an incision is made on the outer edge of the lip to expose more of the top and/or bottom lip. Once inside, a strip of skin is removed and the skin tissue is pulled back up into place to create a more defined upper lip border creating a fuller appearance.

When ideally tailored, this procedure will make lips appear fuller while not dramatically changing the size of your mouth.

Corner Of the Lip Lift

A corner of the lip lift, also called a lip zipper or a partial smile lift can help lift the corners of the mouth back to their normal position. These corners tend to sag as we age, creating a down-turned or "angry" look.

It's done by surgically removing a small amount of skin from each upper or lower corner of the mouth. This creates a slight protrusion around the mouth, which lifts the lips slightly, making them appear fuller and younger.

Choosing a Provider for Lip Augmentation Procedures

Choosing a cosmetic surgery clinic is one of the most important decisions you will make. Always check a provider’s credentials before agreeing to treatment.

Choosing a surgeon certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery means they have extensive training in cosmetic surgery and require they undergo rigorous annual testing to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest techniques, procedures, and products used in facial plastic surgery.

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