5 Activities to Avoid Before Microneedling

5 Activities to Avoid Before Microneedling

Microneedling (also called collagen induction therapy) is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that uses tiny needles to create tiny channels in the skin. It creates microscopic injuries in the upper layer of your skin while injecting hyaluronic acid.

This triggers the body's natural healing response from your body. This prompts new collagen and elastin production, which can help diminish fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, stretch marks, and tighten loose skin. There is also increased blood flow to the area — this brings oxygen and nutrients to damaged areas for faster healing.

So, you've decided to try microneedling in Boston, a great way to defy skin concerns and achieve a youthful appearance. But remember, there are things you shouldn't do before your microneedling procedure. Read on to learn more about the minimally invasive procedure.

How to Prepare for Your Microneedling Treatment?

Preparing for your microneedling treatment is crucial to ensure maximum results.

The first step to getting the treatment is to call the spa and schedule an appointment. The staff will ask you about your medical history, allergies, and current medications you're taking.

They'll also want to know if you have skin conditions like keloid scars or rosacea that might be affected by the treatment. During your consultation with an aesthetician, they'll discuss what to expect during the procedure and answer any questions you have. This should help alleviate some of your anxiety so that you're more relaxed during the actual treatment.

For those keen on microneedling, preparing well for your treatment is ultimately important. This can be done by doing a few simple steps in advance. To help you, here's an extensive list of things you should avoid doing before microneedling.

Avoid Using Exfoliation Products

Exfoliation products are designed to remove the outer layer of the skin surface, which can be beneficial for acne scars or uneven skin tone. However, there is no evidence that exfoliation is beneficial for microneedling treatment. In fact, it can be damaging if done before treatment.

Exfoliation products can cause irritation and inflammation, leading to redness and swelling.

If you have recently purchased an exfoliation product and want to use it before your first microneedling session, don’t panic! You just need to wait a few weeks until your skin has fully recovered from the treatment before starting a new regime.

Stay Out of the Sun

The sun is an ideal source of vitamin D, which is crucial for your health. But what most people don't realize is that the sun can also be harmful to your skin. The sun rays contain ultraviolet radiation (UVR), which comes in three different forms: UVA, UVB, and UVC.

UVC doesn't reach the earth's surface because it is absorbed by ozone in the upper atmosphere. UVB radiation causes sunburns and tanning. UVA penetrates the skin more deeply than UVB and can damage skin cells resulting in premature aging and wrinkling.

When it comes to microneedling, we recommend avoiding exposure to sunlight for at least 48 hours before treatment, preferably longer if you tend to burn easily or have fair or sensitive skin. This will give your skin time to heal before microneedling and reduce any risk of hyperpigmentation or scarring caused by sun exposure right before treatment.

Avoid Using Topical Retinoids

Retinoids are the most common form of vitamin A used for skin care. They are often used to treat acne, hyperpigmentation, and aging skin. There are many topical retinoids available, including tretinoin (Retin-A), adapalene (Differin), and tazarotene (Tazorac).

These products can irritate the skin. When someone uses a topical retinoid to treat acne, this irritation can lead to serious side effects such as skin peeling and redness. If you're already experiencing redness or irritation before your microneedling treatment, applying a retinoid before getting microneedling done could make things worse.

Don’t Take Anti-Inflammatory Medications

If you have any inflammatory skin condition, such as acne or rosacea, you should avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications before your microneedling treatment.

Most anti-inflammatory medications work by suppressing the immune system and reducing inflammation. Microneedling stimulates elastin and collagen production through inflammation. It makes sense to avoid taking such medications before your treatment.

Anti-inflammatory medications can lead to dry skin and irritation, which may lead to acne breakouts or even skin peeling after microneedling treatment.

Avoid Hair Removal Creams or Treatments

Before beginning your microneedling (or dermarolling) regimen, you should avoid hair removal products and techniques. This includes shaving or waxing yourself, using chemical creams for hair removal, and even electrolysis.

All of these things will irritate the skin and cause inflammation. When you use a device with multiple needles to puncture the skin, this leads to visible irritation as well.

Remember that these things have a cumulative effect; shave one day before you roll your skin, and it can still be irritated enough that it causes issues during your dermarolling session.

Learn More About Skin Deep Med Spa’s Microneedling Services

If you want to eliminate scarring, build collagen, and rejuvenate your skin, consider a microneedling Boston procedure at Skin Deep Med Spa. We offer microneedling at cost-effective rates, with affordable packages and flexible financing options.Microneedling treatments have had remarkable results for many patients, even those with thicker skin tones. We invite you to seek further information on these procedures. For more details, call our Boston office today to schedule an appointment.

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